Heads Up!

by Thomas M. Riddle, CPA, CFP®, Founder & Chairman of the Board

We have started the research phase of a long term project to attempt to preserve your wealth. Importantly, as in any research project, a concise “statement of the problem” is needed to focus the research team and me in the beginning and to keep the team on track during the effort. Here is the statement of problem:

We have observed the U.S. Government is spending a massive amount more that it is bringing in (the “Deficit”).  This policy is causing the U.S. Government to go further and further into debt (the “Debt Burden”).  What are the implications to your wealth of this policy in 5 years? 10 years?  And, 20 years?  Which strategies should be considered to protect your wealth?  When and how are these strategies to be implemented (the “Action Plan”)?

We intend to keep you updated on our progress by issuing a running commentary of the issues, data, findings, implications…etc. Obviously, an important part is how the deficit affects your investments; however, insights into scientific advancement, educational needs, employment and national security and other topics are required also.