Heads Up!

by Thomas M. Riddle, CPA, CFP®, Founder & Chairman of the Board

We spend a lot of time with clients planning for living in retirement and the eventual transfer of wealth. When your plan involves multiple generations, it is important to arm adult children and grandchildren (and in some cases, parents and grandparents) with appropriate financial knowledge.

Does that mean you have to lift the curtain on all the details of your personal financial life? No.

But a well-timed family meeting with your Financial Advisor can bring generations together to understand your goals and values, outline expectations and responsibilities, establish good financial habits early, and know who to turn to for help with individual or family financial questions.

Talk to your family about their financial choices. We can help get the conversation started by structuring and leading a meeting for you to discuss finances with your family. For convenience, we can host by video or teleconference. Also, your advisor may have available evening or weekend appointments – just ask us!

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