Did You Know…?

Final Tax Return Reminders!
Monday is the filing deadline, and our team is busy making sure that our clients’ tax returns are completed.

If you have requested a paper copy of your return, our office will notify you when it is ready for pickup. If you requested a digital copy, you will receive a notification e-mail from tax@valleynationalgroup.com to let you know that your returns are ready for review and your signatures.

Please be sure to return your signed 8879 and state filing forms to us as quickly as possible. You can deliver them in person, post a scan or image of the signed paper document to your eVault Client Portal, or e-mail them to our team at tax@valleynationalgroup.com.

Remember, local tax returns and any related payments are your responsibility to submit directly. We include instructions in your personal tax packet to help you get these submitted.

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